Project Description

Topper Dinghy

Clockwise Data produced this 24 page (A5 size) illustrated booklet for the Manchester Polymer Group. It is the story of technical innovation by the Manchester plastics processing company, Rolinx, during the 1970s. The result was the Polypropylene version of the ‘Topper’ sailing dinghy, the hull and deck of which were manufactured by the process of injection moulding. Each dinghy was composed of the two largest injection mouldings in the world at that time – a remarkable technical achievement!

The story is told by Peter Bean, in the form of an illustrated presentation which is now reproduced with his permission in this booklet. Peter sets the scene with an historical resume of the plastics products manufactured by Rolinx dating from 1946. He then explains the Topper project, and unfolds the successive technical issues in a surprisingly readable account of bringing this award winning boat into viable production.

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See Wikipedia entry for Topper (dinghy)
By arrangement with Peter Bean and the Manchester Polymer Group, we are able to supply printed copies of the ‘Topper Revisited’ booklet for £4.00 each, including UK postage.

The work

The data was presented to us in the form of the text of the presentation speech, and .jpgs of the slides (in various sizes).

We edited and formatted the text, resized and enhanced pictures, and added a few extra notes and logos as requested.

Proofs were supplied to the client, approved,  and then we printed and finished the completed booklets. The client later asked us to supply a PDF of the booklet so members could read it on their website.